About Us

Property Value is a product of CoreLogic (formerly RP Data). CoreLogic is the largest provider of property information, analytics and property-related risk management services in Australia and New Zealand. Property Value now brings the data and insight Corelogic’s customers often rely on, to everyday buyers, sellers and property investors in a unique consumer friendly format.

When it comes to decision making involving property, you can count on CoreLogic to help provide you with data.

You get the complex data and analysis you need - in a format that’s simple, targeted, and easy to use.

Every day, our data helps individuals and businesses make more informed decisions, communicate more effectively and get better results.

Our data is frequently relied upon by buyers, sellers, investors, finance and real estate professionals, and corporate and government bodies.

Our database has more than 4 billion property decision points which enable confident decision making. We combine our own proprietary data with diverse public information to provide comprehensive and timely data and analytics.